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cathy weiss
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Because bringing nutrition to people suffering from life-threatening illness is the most basic human service a community must provide. No-one does this more efficiently or effectively than Manna.

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Hi and thanks for visiting my Seller Page!

As you know, each year, MANNA raises money by selling pies to provide nourishing, life-sustaining meals to hundreds of people in the greater Philadelphia region who are coping with illnesses such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, renal disease and diabetes. For more info about MANNA visit Pie in the Sky allows our community to come together to help us nourish our neighbors battling life-threatening illnesses during the holiday season and through out the year. From pick-up site locations, bakeries, sellers, volunteers and partners - all of us come together to sell sweet treats to make a difference. Money raised goes directly towards preparing and delivering nourishing meals, along with nutrition counseling and hope.

I am grateful that you are joining in this effort. Oh...and don't forget to place your order by Friday, November 17th so that these delicious pies are ready for you just in time for Thanksgiving.